Online Excerpts

Posted On: June 27, 2011

(We are currently translating additional interview clips from the archive that will be added in the coming months.)

Meriam Othman

Duration 4:30 min

Youssef Ahmad Salamoun

  Year of birth: 1913 From: Sohmata, District of Acre, Palestine Residence in Lebanon: Rashidiyye Camp Duration: 5 mins

Fayez Jom’a

Duration: 2:59 min

Kamila Daher

  Year of birth: 1935 From: Salha, District of Safad, Palestine Residence in Lebanon: Beirut Duration: 4:30 min  

Abdul R. Saideddine

Duration: 9:05 min

Abdullah Hussein

Year of birth: 1923 From: ‘Mughr al-Khayt, Palestine Residence in Lebanon: Bar Elias Duration: 8:31 min  

George Faraj

  Year of birth: 1924 From: Jerusalem, District of Palestine Residence in Lebanon: Beirut Duration: 3:49 min  

Hamdeh Jom’a

Duration: 6:20 min

Ali Abdullah

Duration: 4:25 min

Ismail Shammout

Duration: 4:25 min

Mahmud Abu Haija

Duration: 7:18 min

Sa’da Kayed

Duration: 6:12 min