Posted On: March 20, 2012

Diana Allan founded the Nakba Archive in June 2002. She has a doctorate in anthropology and film from Harvard University and has worked on a several activist media projects in the region. Video documentaries include: Chatila, Beirut (2002); Still Life (2007); and Terrace of the Sea (2010). She is currently a junior fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows.

Mahmoud Zeidan is the co-director of the Nakba Archive. Mahmoud is a Palestinian refugee from Ayn il-Helweh camp in Lebanon, and his family hails from Sufsaf. He studied English literature at the Lebanese university and pursued his graduate studies in Human Rights and Democratization at the University of Malta. Mahmoud is an active member of A’idoun, the Palestinian Right of Return movement in Lebanon, and a founding member of Lens on Lebanon.

Interviewers and researchers:

  • Nader Mohamad
  • Ahmad Ghneim
  • Shafik Shammas
  • Inass Abou Samra
  • Nawal Moustafa
  • Kinda Lama’a
  • Yousif Qasmiyeh
  • Ahmad Faour
  • Ibrahim Al-Ali
  • Ashraf Shouli
  • Rania Al-Haj
  • Nuha Kurdieh
  • Riham Shriedeh
  • Tahiyeh Zeidan


Post-production work – Mazen Hashem and Meriam Jbeily Solo Films, Beirut

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